Fisk University Launches New Degree Program In Data Science

Historically Black Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, has announced the establishment of a new degree program in data science. According to the university, the new degree will be one of only few such programs in the state of Tennessee.

Program director, Sajid Hussain, said that “data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data. Virtually every area of our society is generating considerable data: social networking; business platforms; health care and personalized/precision medicine; digital humanities for literature and historical excavation; defense and security; manufacturing and supply chain; and climate change forecasting, as examples. However, without data management, curation, analysis and visualization – these data do not inform new insights.”

University Provost Vann Newkirk believes “the new program will have a big impact as it will open new markets to Fisk and it will showcase the quality of the degree programs offered by the University.”

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