Diabetic Man Killed by Cops in Front of Fiancee and Daughter after Taking Too Much Medication

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A Georgia family is distraught over a police shooting death that they say should never have happened.  The family of Jack Lamar Roberson says that police were called to help deal with the fact that he’d taken too much diabetes medication.  But instead of helping him, he ended up being killed by police.

Alicia Herron called 911 after she saw Roberson behaving erratically after taking the pills to control his blood sugar.   She says she thought paramedics were coming to the house, but the police arrived instead.

When the Waycross Police Department arrived, they say that Roberson behaved aggressively toward them and was “aggressively armed with two items used as weapons,” leading them to shoot at him.   But Herron says that the officers didn’t say a word as they came in and shot the man.

“He didn’t say nothing, the police didn’t say nothing, anything, it was like a silent movie,” she said.

Roberson’s mother Diane was also there and so was his daughter.

Police Chief Tony Tanner says that officers came to the house after getting a report of an attempted suicide.  They claim that deadly force was necessary because the man became aggressive.  He also says that officers made repeated requests for him to put the weapon down.

But Roberson’s mother disputes that account.

“We had no weapons in this house whatsoever,” said Roberson’s mother, Diane Roberson.

“My gentle lamb … He kissed me every morning, made me breakfast in bed, and they said he had two weapons.”

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