Cops Violently Arrest Black Man For Stealing His Own Car

Lawrence Crosby was brutally assaulted and arrested by police after a driver thought he was stealing his own car. The engineering doctoral candidate at Northwestern University was working on his car around 7pm when a woman thought Crosby was trying to break into the vehicle reports FOX 32 Chicago.

Police followed the innocent man as he was driving in his OWN car back to his apartment where they violently arrested him for the unfounded claims.

“On the ground… on the ground… down on the ground… down on the ground…turn around,” the officers can be heard yelling as they knee Crosby to bring him to the ground and then punch him.

“I’m cooperating…sir, you’re on video… that’s an FYI,” Crosby can be heard telling the officers. He had moved to the front of his car to put himself within view of his own camera.

Evanston Alderman Brian Miller, who is running for Mayor, said he was infuriated at what the video showed, particularly in light of the fact that there have been five incidents in the last two years where he says police have not de-escalated minor incidents.

Watch the brutal and unnecessary arrest below:

Oh, the joys of being black in AmeriKKKa!

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