Captive women found in luxury Georgia home may be part of human trafficking ring

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On Tuesday morning, a Georgia dispatcher got a call he or she won’t soon forget.

The caller, a female, said, “I’m in a very bad situation, and I need to get out.” The 20-year-old woman said that she, along with other women, were being held against their will.

“It’s a house full of girls and … if I try to leave, he’ll try to kill me and stuff,” she said before the incredulous dispatcher asked, “Wait — did you say you’re in a house full of girls?”

The call led to authorities uncovering what they feel could be a human trafficking ring being run out of a $1 million luxury home in the Atlanta suburbs.

Police have a suspect in custody, his name is Kenndric Roberts, 33, and he has been charged with multiple felonies.

He faces five counts of false imprisonment five counts of trafficking persons for labor and two counts for possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Two guns were found in the home, an AK-47 and a Glock handgun. Roberts also faces the possibility of having federal charges added.

All together they found eight women in the home, ranging in age from 19-22.

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Roberts was renting the home and the homeowners do not seem to have been aware of what was happening there. According to the local homeowners association, the group got many complaints of cars constantly “coming in and out.”

While it is not known how long each of the women had been in the home, the caller said she had been there about a month.

She claimed to have met the man on the website, a site that claims to offer “mutually beneficial relationships,” and that “he had me go get, like, plastic surgery.”

Police have said that the man lured the women by telling them he could get them modeling jobs. The promises of a job soon became threats of violence.

One of the women “stated that Kendrick [sic] had threatened her on numerous times, one instance where he stated he was going to pay someone to cut her chest open, take out the implants and cut her up.”

Some of the captives were forced to work at strip clubs, all while leaving their ID and phones at home. He offered them more money to stay and threatened to hurt both them and their families if they left him.

Previous victims or anyone with information about this case or Kenndric Roberts is asked to contact police.

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