Black NRA pundit on Fox News says there’s a bright side to mass shootings

Black NRA pundit on Fox News says there’s a bright side to mass shootings news 1x1.trans


Fox News had NRA pundit Antonia Okafor on the air on Wednesday and she said some things that have left some scratching their heads. She claimed it was a mistake to talk about gun control after mass shootings because all it does is encourage more massacres.

She was on Fox & Friends First when Heather Childers asked Okafor to respond to calls “for more gun control” following the mass shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend. The shooting killed 58 people and injured more than 500 with many still in critical condition.

She started by sharing “heartfelt condolences to the victims,” but she went on to insist that Democrats talking about gun control after every mass shooting is “the definition of insanity.”

“Do you think they’re doing a disservice, that in fact, they are actually accomplishing the opposite of what they’re trying to accomplish by bringing awareness to gun control?” Childers asked.

— Las Vegas gunman sent girlfriend away so she wouldn’t interfere with massacre — 

Okafor went on to say that Democrats are “the problem” because they are always bringing up gun safety laws after each new mass shooting.

“We have Baltimore, we have Chicago, we have St. Louis, we have all these places that are ridden with violence,” the NRA pundit opined. “And we’ve implemented more and more gun control as the years have gone on. So, the policy is not working.”

Next, she brought up the silver lining in these situations, saying, “One thing I love about — unfortunately — these tragedies that happen, the reaction from the American people coming together,” she said.

“And one thing I think we’re very good at is problem-solving. And so I believe if we’re willing to change the direction that we’ve been in before… you know, we voted for President Trump because we wanted a difference.

“I think it’s important that if we listen to our president, if we listen to the leadership and the advice that he has in the future going on forward that we can actually make change in this horrible circumstance so that this doesn’t happen in the future,” she said.

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