Attorneys general to sue Trump for Constitution violation

Attorneys general to sue Trump for Constitution violation news 1x1.trans

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

According to a report published Sunday, two attorneys general plan to sue President Donald Trump for violating the emoluments clause in the United States Constitution.

Brian Frosh of Maryland and Karl Racine of the District of Columbia plan to file a joint lawsuit alleging that Trump is violating the clause of the Constitution prohibiting payouts from foreign entities because of his hotel empire, according to the Washington Post. They also claim that he has not fully distanced himself from the Trump Organization, which he has put under the control of his sons Eric and Donald Jr.

“We’re getting in here to be the check and balance that it appears Congress is unwilling to be,” Racine told the Post. “We’re bringing suit because the President has not taken adequate steps to separate himself from his business interests.”

In the course of the investigation not only of the Trump Organization but the vast hotel empire, the attorneys general are expected to request Trump’s tax returns, which have not yet been released to the public and which have been a sticking point for many critics of the president.

A press conference detailing the case is scheduled to take place on Monday at noon.

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