Africa: EU Welcomes Emmanuel Macron's Victory in France

Photo: Stephen Otage/Daily Monitor

European Union Ambassadors in Kampala, L-R Stephanie Rivoal, France, EU head of delegation Kristian Schmidt and his wife Carolie Schmidt, Domenico Fornana the Italian Ambassador to Uganda, Hen Jan Bakker Netherlands ambassador and Barbara Marlac the US Ambassador to Uganda at the French Ambassador’s residence on Sunday as the France presidential results were being announced

European Union delegation in Kampala has welcomed President Emmanuel Macron’s Sunday election victory in France saying he was a good candidate who will work towards strengthening the European Union.

Speaking after the announcement of the provisional results at the French Ambassador’s residence in Kampala, Ambassador Kristian Schmidt who speaks on behalf of all the European Union member countries in Kampala said as a founder member of the Union, the 39-year old President is an excellent choice because he will strengthen the European Union project.

“I reconfirm my faith in the people of France and this is why I chose my wife from France. France is the origin of the European Union. They have been victims of many wars dating back in Europe,” he said.

In her speech, Stephanie Rivoal the France Ambassador to Uganda said by electing Macron–a man who was not known three years ago France has surprised the world again by electing the second youngest President in the world since Napoleon in 1804 but faces the great challenge of reunifying the French people.

She added, with his numerous priorities in Education, employment, social dialogue, youth climate change and the environment, the future of Europe and the relationship of France with Africa is on course unlike Marine Le Pen his rival who was not only a risk but a serious warning.

“This is a warning, a serious one, a warning which does not go away tonight and let us hope that in its great wisdom the French people will elect and assembly in line with the profile of our new president,” she said explained adding that he is open to dialogue, debate and diversity.

Asked why she described Marine Le Pen as a risk and serious warning, she said the world was concerned of a further weakening of the European because of her extreme views of threatening to leave the European Union and the World was worried that France would not that France would not be able to face the international challenges of terrorism, civil wars, refugees, nationalist and populist movements, preservation of the environment and ultimately the human species.

“The world is moving fast and moving towards worrying instability. Donald Trump’s election and his consequent actions are a source of worry and unpredictability on the one hand while on the other, China and Russia are led by a conquering spirit,” she said.

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