A lesson in shady dating: Man dupes two women with switch scam

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Under the category of stories filed under “no shame” comes this tale out of Tennessee about a man who stole one date’s car to go on a second date with another woman.

Kelton Griffin, 21, was arrested after stealing a car belonging to Faith Pugh of Memphis and using it to see the second woman — and not just any woman, but Pugh’s godsister.

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The shenanigans kicked off when Griffin texted Pugh, a long lost high school friend, to go out to dinner with him. Pugh agreed. The vehicle-challenged Griffin arrived without wheels.

“I don’t know who dropped him off,” Pugh told WREG. “He just got dropped off,” she said.

Thankfully, Pugh did have transportation. The pair got in her black Volvo and they drove to a gas station, where Griffin asked Pugh to go inside and buy him a cigar. She agreed, WREG reported.

When she came out – you guessed it – she discovered Griffin and her Volvo had left the premises.

“He drove off,” she said. “I came outside and my car was gone.”

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The story gets even more strange.

Pugh contacted her mother to pick her up from the gas station and later received a text from her godsister, whose name was not released. The godsister said Griffin had asked her out and they were together. Pugh used GPS to track her godsister and Griffin at a drive-in movie.

“He didn’t even have any money,” Pugh told WREG. “She (the godsister) actually paid their way to get in the drive-in just so I could get my car back.”

Police charged Griffin with theft of property.

“I hope he’s in jail for a long time,” she said. “I never want to speak to him ever again.”

This is not Griffin’s first dealing with the law.

In 2016, he and two other men finished a meal at a restaurant before robbing it, WREG reported.

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